IMPORTANT INFORMATION.  (or enter Esteban Antonio's site)

Dear friends, just to clear this up - here is the photo of me and Johnny Depp with the guitar I asked him many times to take. This was to help a guitar maker in Cornwall,near St Michael's Mount to get off the ground with his failed business and encourage him. This man never met Johnny Depp - let alone was commissioned by Johnny to make him a guitar.

Johnny Depp and I spent many hours together, on and off set …. we really hit it off and it was a favour to his man that I pushed Johnny to accept his guitar.  I doubt he has ever played it as Ive heard nothing about the guitar since.

The guitar he made Johnny Depp was made of plywood with a spruce 4th grade front and a 6mm action - impossible to play, crap sound,  no volume - end of .

Re the article about Johnny Depp and the guitar-   
(see it here:  ) - the photo has been illegally cropped as the guitar maker does not own the image and the texts I dictated to Johnny have been used to for his own gain - without my permission. I wanted to say this as there are many frauds out there who manipulate the truth.


This is the uncropped image of Johnny Depp and myself with the guitar.

which are pre made parts stuck together with super glue and philip screws.  

This same man's appalling workmanship has since come to light when two of his instruments fell apart and have since been de-commissioned (pictures below) 

(pictures of the failed instruments below - necessary to protect other potential customers from cancer causing chemicals - as he smothers everything in superglue - and dangerous springing off of bridges which could blind someone or kill a small child)

(Superglue is a known carcinogenic and can cause lung cancer - among other things. This should not be used on instruments - especially the fret board which is handled so much and I personally think that there needs to be a public re-call of all this guitar maker's instruments.)